OKF Aloe Vera Farmers Sugar free - Healthy Edition, Aloe Vera Juice with Chewable Aloe Pulp 16.9 Fluid Ounce (Sugar Free)

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Why Choose OKF Variety Pack
We at OKF promise to provide the best quality Juice. Our OKF aloe Vera juices are made with 100% Pure ingredients & we always choose top of the range raw material to prepare our Healthy Delicious Aloe Vera Juice.

Each Aloe Vera drink is fat free, low sodium, vegan, gluten free and free from concentrates and artificial colors to ensure the same great taste. Where to Drink Aloe Vera Juices Are Perfect to have at any time & anywhere. You can have our Juice in your lunch box or with Snacks. You can take this juice at the field or just enjoy our amazing juice on the way.

Our Bottle
Our bottle comes in an Exclusive design which makes our Aloe Vera juice look more attractive. Our Bottle is slim & anyone can easily hold & drink the delicious & healthy juice. Our OKF bottle contains 500 ML Juice.

Aloe Vera juice is said to help maintain healthy digestion, and can also help regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, reduce acne eruptions, as well as many other health benefits, and is a good addition for those who are conscious of an alkaline diet. OKF and aloe Vera juices are light, refreshing and can help ease digestive ailments, as well as provide other health benefits

Our Taste is our recognition
Our Aloe Vera drinks are sweetened with only a touch of pure sugar cane and naturally flavored with other natural flavors for a sensational taste. Customer Satisfaction If you have any query regarding our Aloe Vera Juice, then please feel free to contact us.