Our Story

Why Shop with Via Express?

Via express is a small online site that I have started with my wife 5 years ago. Our purpose for starting this business was to provide hand picked products that we have found ourselves and use everyday in our lives to people who may not have access to these products or never learned about them.

Thanks to the great connections we have made with our customers, we continue to listen and customize our products to fit everyone's unique taste. Quench your thirst with our unique variety of aloe vera drinks, or get the perfect shape pillow for your office or in bed to support your knees and neck. 

Check out our bidet page and discover the most important item every bathroom is missing. 




  • Some items can be combined together for a cheaper shipping rate. Since we offer free shipping on all of our items, don't be surprised to see a partial refund for shipping difference on your large orders.
  • Keep in touch and contact us for anything!