L Shape Memory Foam Pillow

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  • ✅ HIQH QUALITY MEMORY FOAM PILLOW - Having the right pillow is essential for your health, that is why we have designed this ergonomic L-shaped body pillow made from spandex material and removable cover that is breathable, perfect to be adjusted to any position according to your comfort level while helping you to relieve the arm and back pressure, leg pain, hip or joint pain very well.
  • ✅ RELIEF NECK AND BACK PAIN – Are you having issue with sedentary fatigue or lower back pain? - Our nap sleeping pillow will provide you with optimal support for relieving the back muscles, neck pain and protects the cervical spine very well and
  • ✅ PILLOW FOR SIDE SLEEPERS -If you’re a side sleeper than you must know how much pain and discomfort can that bring to your hip and shoulders, that is why our memory foam knee pillow for back, sciatic and joint pain relief will makes you feel comfortable while sleeping protect your spine and improves circulation while preventing aches and pains.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN – Using a maternity pillow will make you feel more comfortable and help you to relieve the pressure on your spine, back and hips and help improve your body’s alignment.
  • ✅ MULTIPLE USES – The importance of napping while you’re in school or in the office have so many benefits for your health, so if you want to nap properly this is the perfect nap accessory can be used as travel pillow, desk nap pillow, seat cushion, a back cushion, and also can used as a nap pillow suitable for office, library, home, travel, knee pillow to provide sciatica relief, great for pregnant women and so much more.

Does your back pain keep waking you up at night? Do you experience some hip or joint pain? Need something that will help you to reduce all that neck and back pain that you have? STOP SEARCHING because we have the right solution.

Strong and Durable -Made of premium quality spandex material with soft and breathable cover that provides good air circulation. It won’t fade or tear up easily so you can use for the years to come.

L Shaped Design – This ergonomic backrest pad has a contoured structure that can be placed anywhere behind the chair, and side sleep curve design that fits the facial curve with zipper that allows you to remove the cover.

Remove Back and Neck Pain – If you spend a lot of time driving and sitting, this back-support pillow can help you to relax your shoulders and cervical spine, relieves arm pressure and rebounding slowly with high density inside the core, eliminates fatigue, aligns the back and protecting and strengthening the muscles.

Perfect Knee Pillow – Recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists this ergonomic designed pillow for side sleepers will alleviate stress from knee. Just put it between your legs and provide ideal spinal alignment and support that will promote blood circulation throughout your lower body, and reduce muscle soreness and tension.

Take it Everywhere –  Face down sleeping nap pillow perfect to be taken at any place. Ideal for office,travel, taking a nap, sitting upright in bed, place it in the seat in your car and many more.


  • Color: Purple, Grey, and Brown
  • Size: 12" x 4.5" x 9"

Still not sure if this is the right pillow for you? Adjustable and suitable for anyone of any height that will provide support and ease your pain, so don’t wait and ORDER NOW! We guarantee you won’t regret it!