Aloe Vera King (Mango Flavor) - 16.9 Fl oz [Pack of 3]

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Details: OKF Aloe Vera King Premium All Natural Aloe Vera drink Mango flavor (Boisson al Aloe Vera) in 16.9fl oz (500 ml) bottle. Contains 30% Aloe Vera Juice. Premium All Natural Aloe Vera drinks with Mango taste. If there is one plant on earth that is the most valuable to humans, it is without a doubt aloe vera. Aloe vera is known to have 74 remarkable nutrients. OKF Premium Aloe Vera King Natural Mango tastel Aloe Vera Drink, which includes aloe vera gel, tastes delicious and is refreshing and enjoyable to drink. A better way for your healthy life, OKF Aloe Vera King. Product of South Korea. Halal Certified حلال . All Natural ₪ | No Preservative ≠ | No Coloring ۾∞ | No Artificial Flavor ‽ | No GMO | Fat Free | USA FDA. FCE No. 15060. Health Benefit of Aloe Vera: ♥ Improve blood circulation. ♥ Prevents coronary heart disease. ♥ Relieves gastrointestinal problems. ♥ Works as an antioxidant. ♥ Aids in digestion. ♥ Aids in kidney and liver functions. ♥ Prevent hair loss. Source:

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