OKF Aloe Vera Juice Organic with pure pulp, Mango, Aloe drink 12 pack, 16.9 Fluid Ounce

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  • ✅ THE FIRST ALOE VERA JUICE IN THE WORLD→ Our aloe vera king, born in 1997, has been evaluated as the beginning and standard of aloe vera juice drink, and leading the aloe drink market as world No.1 brand with occupying 76% of the aloe drink market share and holding a patent in 180 countries
  • ✅ THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF ALOE: OKF Aloe vera juice contains 30% of Aloe juice, which is one of the highest figure in the industry.
  • ✅ HEALTHY ALOE WATER: Each Aloe Vera drink is fat free, low sodium, vegan, gluten free and free from artificial colors to ensure a refreshing and true taste, a perfect diet aloe vera drink with its detox function. Besides, it can help ease digestive ailments as well as reduce inflammation, acne eruptions.
  • ✅ A VARIETY OF FLAVORS: Our wide range of options for flavors will quench your thirst in more delightful ways: Original, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Peach, Watermelon
  • ✅ TASTY HEALTHY ALOE VERA WATER DRINK: 100% Natural, Organic OKF Aloe Juice offers you a well-balanced taste between sweetness and refreshment that come with aloe vera chunks

Details: Why Aloe vera juice? Aloe Vera juice is said to help maintain healthy digestion, and can also help regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, reduce acne eruptions, as well as many other health benefits, and is a good addition for those who are conscious of an alkaline diet and who are looking for nice detox water. Aloe Vera King Our flagship product, “Aloe Vera King”, was developed in 1997 from our own technological innovations and has become the archetype and standard for aloe vera beverages, receiving international recognition since then. Now, trademarked in 180 countries, it occupies 76% of the global aloe water drink market as it leads the world as the No.1 brand. Our Aloe vera juice can guarantee its quality by winning several international awards: Monde Selection Gold Award 2016, Superior Taste Award 2018, Golden Europe Award, Beverage Innovation Award, American Masters of Taste, PRODEXPO Golden Award Aloe vera contains high content of calcium and vitamins for health and beauty. OKF Aloe Vera juice especially contains plenty of pulp, so it is a healthy aloe detox water that has special effects on antibiotic function, constipation, fatigue recovery, effective skin supplement, digestion disability, alopecia prevention, antidote, good metabolism function. OKF has produced healthy beverages and foods since 1990. 'Natural and organic' is a core concept of OKF products. ✅ Contains 30% of real aloe pulp (One of the highest percentage in the industry) ✅Organic Aloe vera juice ✅7 Flavors (Original/Pomegranate/Mango/Pineapple/Strawberry/Peach/Watermelon) ✅Sweetened with cane sugar and honey ✅Vegan, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free, Low Sodium ✅Halal

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